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Sri Lanka has been ranked as the world’s fourth best Muslim-Friendly non-Islamic  holiday destination and our team of travel consultants have worked strenuously throughout the years to ensure that your clients get the best cost effective travel experience of a lifetime. We understand that every traveller has different interests when it comes to Muslim-friendly tourism, which is why we offer muslim friendly tailor made packages to cater to the needs of your clients.

Irrespective of whether your clients are in need of a honeymoon, family trip, educational tour or even a business trip, we can be provide you with a unique Muslim-friendly tour experience which would certainly give them the experience above their expectations. We have a specialist professionally qualified Tour Guides who use their extensive knowledge and experience to guide your group and do the itinerary in the most feasible way possible to leave only positive lasting moments. Ground transport to various attractions and shopping destinations are also available as our focus is on providing memorable experiences of tours in Sri Lanka.

We also offer partnership opportunities for those who are interested in a Muslim-Friendly Destination Management Company in Sri Lanka, for which we could offer a dedicated service for all your clients without compromise. We are one of the largest Destination Management Companies in Sri Lanka with expertise in handling Muslim-Friendly tours and are also a member of Crescent Rating as an accredited travel agent in the country.

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