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Surf culture in Sri Lanka is thriving, new surf occasion settlement and Sri Lanka surf camps are opening constantly. The best time of the year to go Surfing is between November to April. The West side (1-3 beneath) of the island creates the best waves, while May to October is the best season for the East. Sri Lanka is anything but a major wave island, for the most part waves are average size, not excessively incredible and never come to the ‘bomb’ class. This makes it a perfect spot to start surfing, or to pare back your surfing and truly take a shot at procedure. Saying this doesn’t imply that that the surf here can’t be testing, spots around Arugam Bay and Hikkaduwa normally structure quick, in fact requesting waves. The excellence of the Sri Lanka surf spots is that it is as yet conceivable to move far from the primary lane, and wind up surfing with just ocean turtles for organization. When you do end up at a swarmed break, regard for nearby surfers and information of surf manners will get you far, and will likewise win you some incredible inside learning on where best to surf.

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