Sri Lanka offers many different types of fishing activities which your guests could enjoy throughout the year and depending on the sort of physical activity they require we could organize a suitable tour for their schedule. Some of the main types of fishing trips available in Sri Lanka include,

  1. Deep sea fishing
  2. Fly fishing
  3. Inland fishing
  4. Trout fish
  5. Fresh water fishing
  6. Troll fishing
  7. Lagoon fishing
  8. Stilt fishing
  9. Inshore fishing

A typical fishing trip lasts anywhere between 2 to 8 hours and could be done in either the sea, lakes or along the river banks. The best time to do deep sea fishing in Sri Lanka really depends on the month of the year as November to April is suitable for the Western and Southern coastlines of the country. However the eastern coast is suitable for deep sea fishing from May to September, due to the annual monsoons in the country. Troll fishing is generally done on along an outboard fibre glass motor boat at sea and all essential accessories including life jackets, fishing rods and tackle etc could be arranged based on your clients needs. Generally fishing trips can be arranged either during the daytime or nighttime hours, so it could be easily adjusted to fit your itinerary.

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