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Sri Lanka is home to almost 450 types of birds of which 236 are rearing inhabitants whilst 203 transients and the rest vagrants. As its a tropical island in the Indian Ocean located at 10 degrees north of the equator, bragging assorted and good climatic conditions and normal territories it makes a great destination for birds to migrate to during the winter season. Sri Lanka has 33 endemic species and 68 endemic subspecies of birds which makes the country a great choice for exploring different species of bird life in the planet.

Endemic species of birds found in Sri Lanka also include, Fowls, Pigeons, Parrots, Parakeets, Malkoha, Coucal, Owl, Owlet, Hornbill, Barbet, Magpie, Bulbul, Warbler, Babbler, Thrush, White-eye, Mynah, Starling, Flycatcher, Flowerpecker, Pigeon, Barbet, Flameback, Woodshrike, Drongo and Swallow.

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