We deliver a high-quality, value-based, sustainable experiences across a broad range of travel categories.

Whether your clients are looking to do something new or relax doing what they like best or something more specialized, the Figo Holidays offers a wealth of extraordinary experiences. Such as trekking, cycling, surfing, whale watching, or going on safari, A day of fishing? A sunset massage? we can put together the perfect trip for your brand that your customers will love.

We offer immersive experiences created by our local experts’ team on the ground that is exclusively available through Figo Holidays.

No matter how your clients are travelling and who they’re travelling with, we can put together an itinerary that perfectly suits their needs, whether they’ve joined a group departure, are looking for a private tour, or travelling independently.

Additionally, we can create trips suited to family groups, including young children; trips for school or university groups, and even trips especially for female travellers.

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