CSR Projects

Figo Holidays has taken part in many CSR activities to help the local community by providing them with better training and financial support. Some of the most recent CSR projects which we involved with are given below,

Our Recent CSR Projects to date

Sponsor a child

Figo Holidays is proud to announce that we have spent our profits towards a good cause by offering to sponsor the education and life of a child in a remote village in Sri Lanka.


Support for local school

We ensure that the local community is always benefited through our presence by contributing in every way we can, and recently we got the opportunity to support the needs of a local school in Sri Lanka by providing with necessary training and support facilities.


Chauffeur Guide Training Program

This program wasn’t only done on our own tour guides as we wanted to make sure that the benefits of the program would be carried forward for other potential tour guides who work privately as well in order to provide a benefit to the local community. The training program was a success and we achieved great feedback from each participant