Quality Policy

Figo Holidays is fully committed to implement service excellence while ensuring quality. This is assured through a robust management system covering all operations and management functions. We are performing all the activities guided quality Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), to ensure that the resulting products and services are consistent in reaching expectations far beyond average.

Our company’s quality policy objectives are based on the corporate goals, vision, mission and core values and are achieved by ensuring:

Offering Outstanding Customer Care and Service

Figo Holiday’s primary goal is reaching excellence in the customers satisfaction. These goals are reached by understanding customer needs and wants and by identifying consistent means to exceed those expectations. This is backed by a learning culture and continuous improvements.

Delivering Quality in Everything We Do

Figo Holidays believes in quality in all aspects and quality as a drive that can improve performance all results areas. By defining the service standards and through continual efforts to improve quality and productivity it strives to maintain quality in all our operations. This reflects in all the functional areas and in all the business operations. Figo Holidays, using customer feedback effectively, ensures constant product improvisation in line with customer expectations.

A Quality Mindset

Quality can’t be assured without people with quality mindset. Figo Holidays as a service-oriented organization, considers its employees as the most important asset. Thus, the staff members are both trained and equipped with advanced technology to deliver services with passion and with highest quality standards.

Stakeholder Alignment for Quality and Consistency

Figo Holidays’s mission to strive well aligned with stakeholders not only prioritize revenue but it also aims high in collaborative approach in delivering quality. Figo Holidays’s suppliers are an integral part of its products and services and this it tries at its best to retain their trust and encourage them to conform to high quality standards.

Taking Care of Environment, People and Culture

Figo Holidays is strongly committed to the protection of the environment and sustainable development. Hence it is bound to protect and promote safety, security and sustainability of environment, people and culture by striking a balance between People, Planet and Profit.

In order to fulfill the company’s Quality Policy and to achieve its stated primary goals, the Management of Figo Holidays decided to be guided by robust and reliable Quality Management System based on ISO 9001: 2015 standard. The system is in line with the Company’s organizational structure, services, procedures and operations.


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R M M Khaleel
Managing Director,

Last Updated 1st Jan 2020